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Test Pressing

320 / Tornado Wallace

Seems fitting to end the year at Test Pressing with a mix from one of our favourite producers in the last twelve months – Tornado Wallace. He’s just quietly got on with it and put out some great music that I keep coming back to over and over and I look forward to hearing some new sounds next year.

Mr Wallace is also behind the Animals Dancing parties in Oz with the one below looking like quite the place to be tonight if you are that side of the water. The party is hosted across three indoor and outdoor spaces at the Peoples Market’s West Melbourne warehouse.Too many good DJs in one place. Wish we were there. You can find out more information and buy tickets here.

Animals Dancing, Tornado Wallace, Party, NYE 2014,

So here is a mix from the man himself. As he says ‘I kept it sunny for those in the Southern Hemisphere’. It’s been a really great year on Test Pressing and its looking like an even better one in 2014. The music is getting better and better, younger people are getting into it, the originals are making waves and music is everywhere. Stay tuned for a rebuilt site (its looking kind of nice!) and some more stuff happening next year. Thanks for reading.

Tornado Wallace, Mix, Test Pressing, DJ, Producer


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