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Test Pressing

323 / Dr Rob

Contemporary is what we try to be. One foot (at least) is firmly in the past, the history of this thing, but there is also always one toe (at least) testing for the future, and possibility.

A forgotten soundtrack and seductive `80s Soul reinvented.A siren rescued. American Clave approach zero.Sakamoto & Hosono by way of Dam Funk.

Henry Cow`s bassline. A modern day Sade.Bootlegged Czech Jazz (I thought I knew a secret).Borrowed scenery. Celluloid with strings.A French singer`s other song.

Pop after the fall, and anticipated sketches.

Something old, something new, and a couple of bits as yet unreleased.

Test Pressing, Mixes, Dr Rob, The Remedy, FM Karuizawa, Japan


Big “Thank you”`s to Artem at Krossfingers, Jason & Moonboots at Aficionado, Mark at International Feel, Stuart at the Emotional Rs, big Tim H, Ami at Catune, Jered at Good Timin` and Apiento, for the promos, tips and clues.

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