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Test Pressing

324 / Alexis Le-Tan / My Ideal Party Before Disco Valley

Alexis Le-Tan got in touch to tell us about a new project he is involved with called Full Circle. Full Circle is an edit based project in collaboration with Joakim and Ill-Studio. Alexis has been into the original Goa sound for a bit now (he came and played in this style at a party we did with a while back and the crowd loved it) and after making a mix tape of that early party sound, though played at 33 rpm, the logical step was to do some edits the way they did for the original parties.

Alexis Le-Tan, Full Circle, Ill-Studio, Joakim

They took the records, slowed them down, and that music started sounded like something you’d happily hear on a wonky leftfield dancefloor. Heavy kick, acid, noise and machines. So in order to kick Full Circle on Alex has done a new mix for us below to show where it is headed. We’ve also grabbed a track for our YouTube channel from the new release, which you can pick up here, called ‘Wicked Time’ (good title).

Alexis Le-Tan, Ill Studio, Crowdspacer, Joakim, Mix, Test Pressing


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