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Test Pressing


A new year, a new podcast from myself and Phil Mison. We have had quite a few people write in and ask what tracks are so we are going to try and give a playlist for each show. Some are specials so being held back but most of them are on there. New and recent music from Telephones via Kenny Wisdom, Nils Frahm, some tracks from the great new Ashley Beedle edits comp on Harmless and lots of other bits and pieces.


Nils Frahm: There It’s Raining (Erased Tapes)Cymande: For Baby Ooh (Ashley Beedle Edit) (Harmless)Trans-Am: Legalize It (City Slang)?: ?Skatebard: Confirmation Bias (Telehones Rework) (Pleasure Unit)Somerville & Wilson: Melt (Music For Balearic Gabba Dreams)Babe Ruth: Since You Went Away (Capitol Records)?: ?Love Unlimited: Welcome Aboard (Unlimited Gold)Heaven N’ Hell Orchestra: Whatcha Gonna Do (Ashley Beedle Edit) (Harmless)?: ?Stefan0 Breda: Electric Fling (Havana Productions)Brenda Beachball Ray: Theme From Another Space (Aficionado)Tony Watson As Nice Dreams: Moonwalker (Adult Contemporary)Peter Sarsredt: Mellowed Out (Warner Bros)

Apiento, Phil Mison, Radio, Podcast, Balearic, Disco, Mellow


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