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Test Pressing

332 / Pender Street Steppers

Pender Street Steppers, PPU, Test Pressing, MIx

Pender Street Steppers (Jack Jutson and Liam Butler) bringing the Monday morning sounds for you on this nice Spring morning (well it is in London). I got their recent release ‘Openin’ Up’ and ‘M Flight’ on PPU and loved it so thats why we got in touch. If you’ve not heard the track its worth taking a listen here but here is a mix to show what they are into and all about. This one runs from ambient sound then up from there. As ever I asked ‘What’s the story?’ and they said, “It’s recorded ‘in hut’ in January 2014. A practical and rejuvenating disc mix by PSS Productions. Shouts 2 hastings steam sauna and eden.”. Press play.

Pender Street Steppers, PPU, Test Pressing, MIx


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