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Test Pressing


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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sufi drones, high pitched percussion and a bass drum bounce. The snake charmer section of the Master Musicians of Jajouka pipe in unison and everything seems to rotate. A whirligig `neath Monkey Pilot`s parachute. Dodging dogs on string with the Suns of Arqa at the Sir George Robey.

A Romany violin enters the dance, invading its heart, shifting the Qawwali party to a rhythm from Zaire. Like the best of Baldelli`s Cosmic Sound Project, “Hararibode”, “Wawa Kossa”, with Bob James “Women Of Ireland” flutes. Mali`s Bako Dagnon or Tinariwen`s Berber Tuareg given a Kwanzaa Posse Milk Bar groove.

Soft Rocks add Pal Joey Jazz counterpoints and Acid edges. Fabi Paras playing Nervous dubs.

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