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Test Pressing

339 / Boy`s Own Summer 1991 Part 1

The Nation posse and J.P Massiera samples. Happening Hippies. “Templehead” has me lurking at a Flying party at The Wag, where I`m sure it was aired alongside that bootleg of Mark Almond riding “Radio Babylon”.

“Sonic Shuffle” is Fishtique at Woody`s. Boil in the bag. No sharp bones. Fish heads only. It was like dancing to Weatherall in someone`s front room. Bass. Can you hear me? Loud and clear. I`m not sure what the typewriters were referencing. Harry Partch?

Tammy Payne and I`m in the garden, early doors, at a Full Circle all-dayer, already drunk, burning in Paul Smith linen.

Rose Windross. Ground Beat, and Fabi Paras mixing Nervous dubs round the back of Oxford Street. For Richard and Jackie. In a crew full of couples I had become the odd one out. Taking mushrooms with the cast of Blackadder.

Neneh`s half-sister. Titiyo`s groove was everywhere.

Trying to buy M.O.D.E. from Ashley in Blackmarket, without having heard it, based solely on its appearance in a list.

808 State, or State 808, is a Yellow Book one-off, the boys DJing upstairs, and the girls downstairs. Phil played the Kwanzaa Posse, and Rocky played “Don`t Fight It Feel It”. Plug wore his Walkman. Heidi played DSK. Darling Nikki bit me on the nose. Weatherall played “Would I Find Love” and Ruth danced in white silk pajamas.

Kinky Disco and a nine O`clock drop with Alison and Throb. Bobby G bemoaning Dizzi Heights being swapped for Mundo Muzique in the space of a fortnight.

The times they were a changing.

“Boy`s Own. The Complete Fanzines 1986-92” is published by and can be purchased directly here. The compendium has also recently been released as an expanded iBook. You can find more information over at Bread & Circuses and expect us to cover this in more detail as the series comes to its conclusion in another 3 or 4 hits.

Big thank yous to Terry and Jerry.

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