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Test Pressing

Cloudface / Wyre Drive / Going Good

Test Pressing, Reviews, Dr Rob, Cloudface, Going Good, Wyre Drive

Slashed speaker cones buzz, highs rattle. Silver chords spread well being across sunset, sunrise, in motion, at rest. City, country.

Kosmische ambience abstracts, like Diego Herrera`s project forthcoming on Running Back. R Earth spins. Keys tease and play with being horns.

UR transmissions from The Martian. Meteor showers ahead.

Jumps and skips. Back to Cristal Palace analogue. The mischievous sound of Andrew Weatherall late night on London`s Kiss. Sabresonic before they ran a bus to Turnmills. Acid revivalists. Techno soldiers. Tekno Prisoners.

Hieroglyphic Being`s Future archeology.

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