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Test Pressing

Giallo`s Flame / Archivio Giallo / Rotary Tower

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Prog Moog players in cloaks. Wannabe phantoms at the opera. Dark windmills turn sinister. Secret laboratories. Sparks leap the gap between outsized electrodes.

Shock corridors, cobwebbed passages, and the roving eyes of ancestral portraits. Hands reaching from walls.

Falling arpeggios, broken chords. Maniacs, psychopaths, and mannequins play a game of Hide & Seek in a Halls of mirrors. Terror in the fog. Deserted moon settlements. Love trapped on the wrong side of the airlock.

Ron Graham and the first of three volumes of “Archivio Giallo”, that reference the work of Goblin for Dario Argento (obviously), and should appeal to collectors of library breaks. For fans of Mindbenders, Death Waltz, The Heliocentrics, Emperor Machine, Future Nuggets, Blakula, Broadcast, Death & Vanilla, William Friedkin`s use of “Tubular bells”, and Black Sabbaths.

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