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Test Pressing

Parkway Rhythm / The Answer / Parkway

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Disco (Circus) balls bounce. Chicago pianos roll. A single voice whose only chorus is found in echo sings an age-old message that seems ever more forgotten. To love might be the most subversive thing you could do. Change the world one kiss at time.

T Cut produce an alternate mix poised between the quality New York revivalism of Morgan Geist`s Storm Queen and the European and UK House that emerged from the cracks in Balearic (Outrage? Perhaps pitched way down?). Epic, rising and falling like The Freaks “Journeys Through Happiness”, and bold, like Levan re-dubbing Will Power`s more well known track, while Pascal`s Bongo Massive provide the fills between monstrous bass and Proto key flashes.

I always assumed that everything on Parkway / Parkwest was Mark in different underwear, but when I asked “Is T Cut you? He said “Nope.” When I asked for contact details, with my mind on a mix or an interview, again he said “Nope”. “But you know `em”.

Place yer bets.

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