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Test Pressing

Tackhead / For The Love Of Money / Dude Records

Metal chords. (George) Clinton via the Chili Peppers, before they got clean. Reconstructed breakbeats. Obama. And the truth about health care. Funk made by cyborgs. Augmented, beefed-up, but too loose for machines. Kings of sound and blues in Judge Joe Dredd`s dystopian Mega-City One. Scratch summons ON-U ghosts. Here we go, rolling.

A reunion of sorts. Doug Wimbish, Keith Le Blanc, and Skip McDonald (the original Sugarhill rhythm section), Bernard Fowler (a voice for Laswell, Levan and Jagger) and Adrian Sherwood. The first new Tackhead record proper in 24 years (the tracks here did appear as part of the Sharehead project in 2010, but the focus was on live performance and they were only released in tiny quantities on CD).

Muscle, power and restraint. Le Blanc and Jaki Liebzeit`s reductionism alike. A stripped down Go-Go for covers of The Meters, Slim Harpo, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Funkadelic, and the O`Jays. Fellow conspirator Gary Clail pushes James Brown hard left. People, people we got to get over, before we go under. If the time for games has passed, can we change things? When you find yourself doing something that you know is wrong, out of habit, convenience, or laziness, how easy is it to simply stop? Have we become so apathetic, so soft?

Welcome to Liberty City…..the busier you are the less you see. Two thieves and a liar…..they want to privatise the air. For the love of money.

Since 1985 the basic ON-U Sound / Tackhead message hasn`t changed. 90% of the wealth is still owned by 10% of the population.

Pay it all back.

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