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Test Pressing

Welcome! x.

So here we are. Round three. This isn’t a ‘This Is Your Life’ moment but to be honest when I started Test Pressing in 2008 I didn’t think I’d still be sat here typing on a keypad and talking lots about music.

It used to looks like this (in fact I think that is the first post)…

Original Test Pressing

It’s been a really lovely time basically. We’ve met loads of amazing people from around the world, had a reason to talk about music lots, scanned tons of old Face magazines, and a few years in picked up the good Dr Rob (someone with an incredible brain full of musical knowledge and also a way with words).

So the new site is here, you’ll see ads (hopefully not too annoying) but most importantly Test Pressing now works on your mobile. You can press play on a mix and then go off and read something. If you want to stop the music just click on the play button in the Menu and off it will go. Its kind of that simple really. Not a massive step on but one that has taken a little while to bring together. Massive thanks to James Holt on the coding side of things as without him we don’t have a site and massive thanks to all the DJs that take the time to contribute music and all the labels that send us things.

We hope you like this new site and hopefully it’ll provide a richer reading experience as well as helping to share some of the worlds best DJs and their music, reviews and lots of other stuff. The musical world we exist in is a growing one. We seem to have new younger producers from around the world (from Melbourne to Toronto) making music that first perfectly into our world as well as those heads with the knowledge like Phil Mison, Leo Mas and Moonboots. We are spoilt basically. Anyway, we hope you like and as ever thanks for reading and listening. x.

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