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Bonnie & Klein / Über

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Forthcoming on a new off-shoot of Is It Balearic? called Über, a three-track 12 featuring a remix by ROTLA (Raiders Of The Lost Arp, Mario Pierro, Edizioni Mondo) that should be in the shops as soon as the majors have finished usurping Record Store Day.

Of the label Ampo said “We are getting sent so much material which is ace that we need to separate it. IIB has an identity. It does its own thing. We want to use Über to sideline the tracks we feel have the essence of why we started in the first place.”

Of the E.P. Tim said “It`s all about the sax”.

The original music here is a modern take on the wistful `80s classic. “Beautiful City” has John Talabot joining Alain Delon in the surf, with his dog, and the three of them giving “City Lights” a sad reprise, looping up Ralph De Blanc`s “Hush”. Elektra`s “Destiny” unfulfilled. A Formentera Blues for Balearic veterans. When the chimes end……………………………ROTLA gives those chimes a kick.

“Carina” is a metallic lope, Cosmic Funk tied to end-of-the-night strings. Sax and flute harmonize, call for unity. It`s 6 o`clock in the morning (TM Tyrrel Corporation) and you`re loved-up, lost your mates and not copped off. Making friends with the nightbus, or sharing life`s complexities with a taxi driver, your most probable outcomes.

P.S. There`s a great mix by ROTLA coming very soon.

Über on Soundcloud.

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