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Test Pressing

341 / Kenneth Bager / Music For Dreams / Part One

Happy to welcome Kenneth Bager back to TP towers. We’ve spoke about Kenneth before but basically he is one of the most known DJs in Denmark. He travelled to Ibiza in the early 80s and has had the Balearic bug ever since.

He runs a label called Music For Dreams which has been about since the early 2000s releasing some lovely music, has a band called The Kenneth Bager Experience, has worked with Aloe Blacc, Sofie Gråbøl (Sarah Lund of The Killing) and we could go on and on. I’m massively looking forward to visiting his Apple Flower festival this year which has music from Gigi Masin live and Phil Mison and the Red Light crew from Amsterdam DJing as well as food from the team originally behind Noma all on a small island in Denmark. Sounds heavenly.

He’s a busy man is Kenneth and last week saw the release of his Balearic Biscuits CD which you can check here. The track listing is great and contains Leisure Connection, Tosca, Laid Back, er me (ha) and much more… We asked Kenneth to do us a couple of mixes of music that he heard in Ibiza in the early years and here we go. Part 2 to follow at some stage soon.

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