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Test Pressing

Location 141 / Rogue Cat Sounds

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Dean Meredith, Rogue Cat Sounds, Location 141, Mark E, Central Executives, Golf Channel, Hurt Me Good

A 4-track 12 on Dean Meredith`s Rogue Cat Sounds, one side of which does the usual RCS thing and tips its hat to key events in the evolution of House, while the other is altogether more Afro.

On the House side, “Hurt Me Bad” dances like James Brown somewhere between Armando recorded live in a toilet at a party, a la Let`s Pet Puppies, and those European Bobby O remixes of Screamin` Tony Baxter and Free Enterprise. Prescient of Frankie`s recent passing, it`s a tribute to Erasmo Rivera`s blade, the aide to Frankie and Ronnie alike. Turning to the reels, Burroughs said the cut up reveals the truth, in this case, obsession. “Make It Right” shifts a Chicago decade or so to Cajmere, to JBO doing a super dub on River Ocean. Prime time lost in the crowd drug music. Soul meets Techno`s stripped down kick. Didn`t someone once call it “Robosoul”?

On the Afro side, Mark E rebuilds “Stone Wind” from percussion loops and sunset / sunrise chimes, and “River” gets versioned by the still mysterious (I have asked) Central Executives. Hashish heavy in the air. Fela`s Jazz keys, Masekela`s brass, Sublime Frequencies` guitars and Konono #1`s distorted edges. Sweat from The Shrine.

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