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Test Pressing

346 / Tommy Awards

Test Pressing, Mixes, Podcast, Tommy Awards, Magic Feet, Nuearth Conservatory

A Psychemagik-like coda for a hazy shade of winter. Prog blowing a Jazz spiritual. Gilmour glissando. Mediterranean dusk. A touch of temptation. Oh-so-in-vogue Japanese soundtracks and a Quiet Village Alan Parsons favourite. Sought after French 7s. Tim Maia getting it on. Summer Soul instrumentals, and cool cats in unexpected places. Jazz picking, Fusion odysseys. Soft Rock sex and the Spooks In Space. Sanctuary in reverb. Nick Nicely-esque Psychedelia, then back to Earth with Mr. Papathanassiou.

There`s a nice interview with Alex & Jon on the way.

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