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Test Pressing

347 / Africaine 808 / Nomad at Goldene Bar

For me, Africaine 808`s “Lagos, New York” has been easily the most consistent dance-floor tune of the year so far. I have without fail played it at every gig since it was released on Golf Channel in February, and it always either gets them straight on there, or keeps them on there. It has also proved to be the perfect transition record, from the Balearic Pop tat, that I usually warm up with, to, as the night moves on, the newer more obviously feet-orientated stuff.

We “reached out” to the guys as soon as we heard the track, but with the re-launch and other bits and pieces happening, it has taken me this long to get something on-line. My apologies.

To kick off we have the first section of a six-hour DJ set from Nomad, one half of Africaine 808, recorded at Goldene Bar in Munich, again in February. Interviews and the like will follow very soon.

Nomad has been described by Beppe Loda, as his “Number 1 Afro music DJ”, and you may well get some more of this set at a later date, as it`s brilliant. I couldn`t name a single track on it.

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