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Test Pressing

348 / Ptaki

Meditation through atunement. Ibiza dreaming. A hippie haven, a place to think. Laraaji in Central Park, crystals aligned, channeling Chakra. Breaking the waves, braving the storm. A King Street morning and Japanese House that seeks a more spiritual life. The Island vibes of Badarou meets Phillipe Saisse on Windham Hill. Blue Grass Raga, slides and sitars. A violin`s mournful song scores a scene from a silent film. A Jazz freedom. Rahsann Roland Kirk`s toys and whistles. Eno collaborators travelling new horizons. The music here segues smoothly like moving the dial between late night radio stations around the globe. An audio travelogue of the wee small hours, a world in between sleep. Brian Briggs` percussive percolations visit Bebe Baron`s Forbidden Planet, metallic treated guitar disturbs a Laswell / Celluloid nearly Africa. The final sound of a Tin Drum. If you liked the Jan Schulte mix, then you should be into this.

Warsaw, Test Pressing, Mixes, Ptaki, Krystyna, Very Polish Cut Outs, Poland

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