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Test Pressing

350 / Noel Watson / Pre-Delirium!

“I decided the best way for me to produce these mixes was to go to a friends place and do each set / mix live on 2 turntables, with a basic mixer. I didn’t want to use Tractor / Serato / CDs like most current DJs, as I wanted to try to replicate as much as possible how it was back then during the `80s, warts and all, and how my brother and I worked as DJs. I’ve tried to re-create that Warehouse feeling with the Pre-Delirium! mix, which starts off with a Scratch and Beats workout similar to what we did supporting The Clash at Brixton Academy back in 1984. Around 90% of the mix was created using the original records we played then. I feel that’s important, as I wanted to keep it as authentic as possible, and there’s a kind of archival artistic value in this fact, a bit similar to how the vitrines of flyers and posters of artwork for Delirium! were presented at The ICA’s OFF-SITE/SUBCULTURE Exhibition in October last year. This Pre-Delirium! set moves from the Beat / Scratch segment into Funk and Soul records that I would mix and cut live at places like BATTLEBRIDGE and SUBSTATION, the 2 first underground and illegal parties we resided over as DJs from 82-85, moving into the Electro period through to the Industrial sound that we would also mix in and out of our sets during that time, spliced with political speeches and classic accapellas (Marvin Gaye for example over a cut-up loop of Veron Burch) re-edits and interludes. Maurice and I did this all live during our sets back then! I used all the original records that I still have, but had to augment them at times, as my brother`s record collection ended up in Japan, and ultimately disappeared. The Pre-mix also takes in the Delirium! Astoria era. Remember we opened that club with a line-up that included The Beastie Boys, RUN-DMC and L.L.Cool J. This was around late `85, the House explosion was still to happen, so the music policy at the club at that time was still very eclectic. I hope this mix manages to capture some of that.”

Salsoul breaks. A Lesson from Double D & Steinski, from Flash. Malcolm X meets Kool Herc`s “Merry-Go-Round”. Go-Go from Chuck Brown. Proto-Go-Go from The Bar-Kays. “A Knife Slits Water”. A touch of Italo. Warp 9`s New Wave Funk. Tommy Boy. Twilight 22. I hear a (Disco) melody. Prince protégées, Shriekback`s bassline and Konk.

Test Pressing, mixes, Dr Rob, Noel Watson, Maurice Watson, Substation, Battlebridge, Delirium, Speek Eezi

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