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Test Pressing

House Of Spirits / Holding On / Beats In Space

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New York orchestral Boogie from Superior Elevation`s Tom Noble. Alfredo De La Fe violins and a Midnight Magic “Beam Me Up” “Beam Me Up” groove, itself perhaps borrowed from Dinosaur L`s “24-24 Music”. Three minutes of song build to a Gospel crescendo, pushing the lord`s V.U.s into the red, then keys get to vamp around that bass-line. Peaking Lights take the crescendo as their starting point for a live sounding Dub mix, turn up the treble and head for the tropics, with a version that sounds like a more bonkers “Is It All Over My Face” under attack from spaced invaders and fuzz guitar. Seven minutes in and everything is circling in different orbits, stoned, and the track has you trapped within its world, experiencing a “Stand On The Word”-like epiphany. By the time that guitar comes back in at ten minutes, it has become the best new Disco record that you`ll hear all year, leaving the fade to bongos and a House piano roll. Vinyl DJs will need two copies.

Due out on May 20th, you can catch a blast of the original mix here. It`s the closing track at 1:33.

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