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How To Use The New Site...

I should have done this a while back when we relaunched the site but a few people have been asking where you can find things so here we go, a quick guide on how to use the new Test Pressing website. The site holds a lot of content now. Old Face articles and 350 mixes (youch) to pieces on designers and lots and lots of reviews. Also there are our in depth features which include interviews with Dennis Bovell and Wally Badarou. So here you go…

The Menu.

Click on the Menu icon and it will open the menu so you can see all the different sections and categories in the site.


There is lots of different stuff to dig through if you want to kill some time.


The Player.

So here is where all the music is held these days. If you are reading a post and click play the mix will automatically play in the player and the play button in the menu (circled below in red) will change to a “Pause” button which you can obviously click to stop.

We have designed the site so you can listen to music while navigating through the rest of the site and having a read etc. You can still download a mix from the specific page where that lives (you can get there by searching using the microscope icon in the top right corner and searching for the DJ/Producer’s name). Go to that page and ‘right click’ to save to Desktop.


If you click the ‘Plus’ icon this will open the player where you can control the volume and skim through the mix. To close the player click ‘X’.


If you want to see the archive of all the mixes (and there are is loads and loads of amazing music) click ‘View Mix Archive’.


To close this up click ‘Close Mix Archive’ or scroll down the site and then you’ll be back in the site.


Test Pressing People.

We have a new section now where our ‘People Features’ live. Click on the icon of the person (as per below) and you’ll get taken to the page where our features live… Here’s where we will add all of our Test Pressing people.


So far we have a few people in there – Leo Mas, Wally Badarou etc…


That’s it. Hopefully it’ll help a few of you that have been asking how to find your way around.

Nice one. x.

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