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Test Pressing

Seahawks / Paradise Freaks / Ocean Moon

A new Seahawks trip that`s more like travelling an underground labyrinth of lagoons, stalactites and stalagmites, on a journey to the centre of the earth, than living on an island, waiting for your friends to come get high, as the whole thing is immersed in shimmering crystalline reverb. Gentle Fender Rhodes segues into guitar. There`s a Peaking Lights vibe (Indra`s in there), if minus the desert dust and the Funk of Aaron`s sweater. A vocoder chug. “King Of Hollywood”-era Eagles on Air`s “Moon Safari”. Black Dice`s “Endless Happiness” and Barry White`s jones. Leon Lowman and Sally Oldfield engaged in a foreign affair . Bumpin` On Sunset. Synths buzz like the faltering flight of a dosed wasp. A sigh and Tim Burgess` sweet falsetto. Curtom`s Mayfield and Hutson, Curtis and Leroy, and Marvin`s “Get It On”. Nick Nicely shouts through Sgt. Pepper`s megaphone. Peter Blake in denim and button badges.

The opener threw me. It sounds like that first Love Corporation LP with the rough edges of ecstasy / enthusiasm removed, or the Cosmic High Energy of the wrong Toni Van Duyne record. It`s so out of step with the rest of the album that it`s got to be a piss-take. However, I fell in love on first listen with Tim singing “Look at sun and dance with me again” over a Californian backing of Doc Severinsen trumpets and Hammond B3. Only when you`re near, only when I feel your heartbeat.

There is a RSD pink vinyl version of the LP that costs around twice as much as the regular black one. I guess it depends on how into pink you are.

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