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Test Pressing

351 / Fasaan

A waltz. A pastoral rising through mist. An awakening of winds and moogs. Temple bells, buoys toyed with by waves. Ships in safe harbour. Spirits of Africa. A Loft re-entry classic. Cosmic strangeness. Orchestral Funk, borrowing from Bruno Spoerri`s library. German sounding Fusion, like Birth Control or Guru Guru with Toni Esposito on drums. Eastern fixated Progressive Jazz. “L`Eroe Di Plastica” meets Supersempfft. Miss Cherry and some sheep with a London warehouse staple. Industrial Electro-Boogie, close to Fasaan`s own song, or that of our mate Jex. Voodoo from Nigeria, Afro Reggae with strings. An Orisha call and response, a welcome back to Shango Land, then a final dissolve into electric zither dissonance and drone.

Test Pressing, Mixes, Dr Rob, Fasaan, Malmo, Sweden, Prins Emanuel, Golden Ivy, Chalice, Sasac

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