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Test Pressing

357 / Jenö / Good Dreams

When I spoke to Jenö of San Francisco`s Wicked Sound System earlier this year (“Wicked” just celebrated their 23rd year; Jeno`s radio show, Noise From The Void, is celebrating its 9th), he touched on his roots in London`s squat party scene. I was keen to learn more about the sets that paved the way for his now characteristic Psychedelic House sound, and in response he has very kindly put together this mix titled “Good Dreams”, and sub-titled “Post-Punk Meditations & New Wave Invocations”.

Bayou Blues and swamp Gospel. Seismic rumbles and Jazz s / cymbols. Nomads and Bedouins re-nterpreted through Teutonic cool. Tribal cults. Stop start Funk. Fat Ronnie at Ancienne Belgique. Music all characterized by taut bass-line and ritual-influenced rhythm.

Burundi drums and backwards vocals. Marc & The Mambas rarities. Savant`s “Sensible Music”. Defunkt-like No Wave, that muscular proto-Go-Go groove. Laswell`s “Temporary Music”. Parliament meet Glenn Branca meet Phillip Glass. A call to a mythical paradise on the mists of the horizon, Bali Ha`i. The Slits in communion with Gaia.

Here it comes.

Big thank you to Jenö and Kelly for their patience.

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