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Test Pressing

Jaakko Eino Kalevi / Yin Yang Theatre / Beats In Space

Test Pressing, Reviews, Beats In Space, Dr Rob, Tim Sweeney, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Yin Yang Theatre, Helsinki, Finland

Next on N.Y.C.`s Beats In Space, a varied E.P. from Helsinki, Finland. “Let The Energy Be Your Teacher (Part 1)” takes its cues from Chicago`s Music Box-inspired experiments like Virgo`s “Go Wild Rhythm Trax” and Farley`s “Funkin` With The Drums Again”. “Tecno Souvlaki” sounds like Obalski`s modern Exotica, if he were signed to RVNG Intl. and had recorded a FRKWYS with ESP Institute`s Pharaohs, while “Zensaatio” and “Pass The Cat” could vie with The Kindness or Rhye`s less melancholy output. “Speak Out” bears some similarities with Belgrade-based Croatian Nenad Marković`s syncopated Funk. Synthesized flutes, `89 pianos and Pop vocals. Like The Beloved preaching “Shoom” or A.C.R. on one, wanting to share the experience, recalling a briefest of moments when even the most travelled of us regained a second innocence.

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