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Test Pressing

Telephones / The Ocean Called / Running Back

Test Pressing, Reviews, Dr Rob, Telephones, Running Back, Pleasure Unit, The Ocean Called

I`m a bit late with this one, as I think everywhere has currently sold out (a re-press is on the way). I can`t seem to keep up at the moment as those back-logged RSD pressing plant floodgates have suddenly opened and all the good music that we were warned about months ago is fighting its way out in a kinda random fashion, so that my carefully / anally planned schedules are shot and I have entered a sort of review free-fall, which, while it exerts its own new limitations (i.e. be fucking quick), if I continue to breathe deeply, is kinda liberating (a change and all that). I guess summer will be here soon, and as the world goes on holiday I`ll be left contemplating the universe again, so I should make the most of it.

A rolling conga beat borrowed from the Shoom-massive “Life Is Just A Ballgame”, and the pads from River Ocean`s “Love & Happiness”. Zig-zaging Synths in a tropics of chirruping electronics. Cascades of bells, rising swells and Italian Pianos. Feelgood European House like 808 State doing Sueno Latino.

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