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Test Pressing

Tempelhof & Gigi Masin / Hoshi / Hell Yeah!

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Piano is the main instrument here. Solitary, it soundtracks a summer passed, happy echoes in now empty rooms. A Super 8 film running to an audience of one. It ripples over drones like light at a window entering a darkened room, curtains opened to another day, and syncopates Drum & Bass memories, Fedime in flight, and asks “Do you remember how we danced?”

Rhythms are provided by Electro pulses, IDM drums and treated twists of percussion lost to an abyss. Urban hum, Reich counterpoints and clockwork, all coloured by orchestral strings, upright bass and horns of freedom. Donato Dozzy & Tin Man`s acid.

There are arcs of Vini Reilly guitar, and the tremelo reflections of Guthrie & Foxx`s “Mirror Ball”, reverberating in a haunted dancehall. Daniel Lanois` frozen ambience. Unforgettable fires and long walks alone.

“Bueno Onda” sounds like “Low-Life” era New Order, while the vocal on “Bow Down” reprises` Gigi`s own “Call Me” and the fragile solo work of Blue Nile`s Paul Buchanan.

Something about the music that Masin touches summons remembrance. Sirens gather like a storm in the distance as the tempo turns to the march of end credits rolling. The future uncertain but calling.

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