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Test Pressing

Zsou / Admiral Byrd / Island Of The Gods

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A hypnotic Javanese Sinden vocal inflight above a strident Post-Punk bass, and countered by angular white-knuckle shapes of metallic Funk guitar. A dance record inspired by, and recreating ritual. If this is fashionable then it is by mistake. A unique not a vogue (though I can feel one coming on, mixing Dusseldorf`s urban tribal rhythms and the Nippon Psychedelia of collectives such as Room Full Of Records). Like partying in altered states in halcyon days to both Monsoon and Gang Of Four. The Smiths` “Draize Train” runaway in a Savage Republic. Montezumas Rache. The future traditionalism of Hosono and Sakamoto, shook by the shunting electronics of Cabaret Voltaire. Golden Teacher meet Goat. Themes for great cities from an island of the gods. On the Dub, Gamelan bowls call out Industrial deities from Vatican shadows. Breaking into heaven.

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