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Test Pressing

358 / Leo Mas / Ibiza, May 2014

A group of old friends travelled back to Ibiza for a reunion in May of this year. One of them, Leo Mas, put together a mix to present to the others as a souvenir. Something new, but that carried the spirit of those golden heady days. One of the recipients, Nancy Noise, wondered if we might be interested in hearing it. A Balearic selection of 90% new music from one of the DJs in residence at Amnesia during the “Second Summer Of Love” (Amnesia most certainly instrumental in instigating said second coming). What tracks would he chose? How many would I know? How many would I own? An obsessive like me, interested? Maybe.

Spiritual Fusion shakes seashells on the seashore. Night falls, love and danger burden the air. Cat people toy with gasoline. A Funk express rides a crystal world. Themes for great cities light out for the urban jungle. Ancient future drum circles. Japanese psychedelic collectives. Virtuoso guitar. (Almost) electric Flamenco. Southern fried Soul, like Funk Inc. gone House. Afro relocated to Italy. Tony`s beat intact. A Kenneth Bager secret weapon. Picked up and a punt taken for the cover, surely. Cuban Rumba via Barcelona`s Barrios and Catalan rumberos.

Test Pressing, Mixes, Dr Rob, Leo Mas, Ibiza, Amnesia, May 2014, Balearic

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