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Test Pressing

361 / Orson Wells

This is one of Apiento`s. I have to admit that I had no idea who Orson Wells is (other than “` Cane”`s late great auteur) and had to ask. Apiento then played me “Leaving” on Live At Robert Johnson, which sounds like Telephones doing Sueno Latino, chimes, dreams, descending bass-line, bells like surf, before the whistles and the Acid kick in. Phuture reprised. Hardfloor on an AM trip.

With releases on Chiwax and Innervisions, there`s a new LARJ 12 due at the end of August, and limited run (Discogs says 48 copies) of a mini album on cassette called “Jupiter”, through his record shop of choice, Tactile (on associated label Planète Sauvage), with perhaps a live set up to follow.

A percussion of flames. Campfires, woodland, streams, drones and psychedelic sunshine. Ritual drumming. Trance dance in a Punk Funk jungle. Dub, delay, tropics of the mind. Swinging through the trees. Cabaret Voltaire caught in a dragnet, deep in sin. “E2-E4” heading for hot destinations. Bass odysseys. Proto-House traffic jams. Machine Soul. A big screen Techno dissolve. Moroder love. Italo Human Leagues being boiled. Hard corps, Electro hommes. Darker arbeiten. Thundering existentialism. Cosmic Pop. Busy wildlife overheard.

Test Pressing, Mixes, Dr Rob, Orson Wells, Leaving, Live At Robert Johnson, Chiwax, Innervisions, Planete Sauvage

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