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Test Pressing

Roisin Murphy / In Sintesi / Vinyl Factory

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An E.P. sang in Italian by an Irish Pop singer. Recorded in London, North and West, and Ibiza. I`ve seen artwork that pays tribute to Ku and Yves Uro. Covers of treasured childhood classics, that are classy, rich and uncluttered. Sympathetic to the originals, wrapping them in a warm womb of modern electronics. Giving them an intimacy, as if Roisin were there in the room. Lounge lizard A.O.D. (Adult Orientated Disco). If it were male it would be Bryan Ferry in a white tuxedo, searching for Jerri Hall`s siren in Studio 54. Petals falling from a red rose. A voice of experience. Edith Piaf via Grace Jones. A sad ballerina performing alone. The painted tears of a masquerade. A Colombina, a defiant heart, watched from the shadows, the other side of the mirror. A torch song in the dark, lit by the glow of a cigarette. Scott Walker storytelling. Jackie climbing a scaffold erected for love.

There are remixes. Horsemeat Disco`s Severino & Nico De Ceglia produce Punk Funk, so hungry, so angry, with sax and pianos. Lost in music. Surrender. The Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi mix re-synthesizes the b-line and melodies. Early Depeche Mode ping pong with Sakamoto`s “1000 Knives”. If the original was a resigned player arriving at the club, entering the game for another night, she`s now back at yours, flirting, and dissing your record collection. Not giving it up, and demanding another drink. Psychemagik run her tongue backwards, have her possessed, over Voodoo Ray wooden block percussion while a snarling 303 is kept on a short leash. Roisin`s old friends The All Seeing I return a House march. The air thick with sprites of love and lust. A Warp / FON heartbeat. Seduction in the strobes. Dancing, talking with, perhaps touching, itself. Leo Mas & Fabrice push subliminals in and out of earshot over a robotic pulse. The sound of day being pulled into night, of sleepwalking, somnambulists, the drugs working, dreams waking, the blood that moves the body.

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