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Test Pressing

Sasac / Hyperion / Omega Supreme

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Eleventeen Eston`s John Tanner cites Japanese guitarist Masayoshi Takanaka (responsible for Jazz Dance classics “Sexy Dance”, “Funky Holo Holo Bird”) as an influence, but Karl Nordin, aka Sasac, does a more accurate job here of capturing the sound of the land of the rising sun in the 1980s bubble. A time when the yen was bionic, and production costs were never questioned. You want to fly in the London Philharmonic for a 30 second string part? No problem. Putting “Hyperion” on the Hi-Fi recreates the feeling of joy experienced when you`ve found a 100 euro LP in a 300 yen bin of a Recofan or Disk Union. Kylyn`s Kazumi Watanabe with Sakamoto (our best wishes go out to Ryuichi) and the fluttering of Leon Lowman`s arp. A Joan Bibiloni mirage on the horizon, the Doobies rising to apologies, watching her go, and Nautic`s Navy Blue AOR Pop not slop. Mike Francis ironing it out as time runs out of time, Pat Metheny & Pedro Aznar completing the circle. The downtempo Techno Soul of the closing track “Dim City” makes the machines in the process more explicit. If “Hip Hop Be Bop” were cool “Winelight”. Androids between The Isley`s sheets. Chrome on chrome. The right buttons being pushed.

You can find Omega Supreme Records, and listen to “Hyperion” over here.

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