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Test Pressing

Tempelhof / Aficionado

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A love from outer space. A satellite. Carpenter`s “Starman” on Eno`s ascent. Clockwork chimes and the bold chords of Phil France`s “Kubrick”, or “The Swimmer”.

“Piano Piano” continues the themes of the Gigi Masin collaborations “Session one” and “She Left Home”, of storms in the distance, but is lighter in tone, as if cloud has broken. Heavy with hope, cutting through a grey dusk, like busy wipers at a monsoon windshield, pushing away, working furious to allow me a glimpse, to shake me to reason, to force me to look further, past the immediate, to remind me of the verdant, opulent green, the paradise, despite the rain.

“Barbados”, the AA side, is also something that was hinted at by “Hoshi”, by the “Low-Life” of “Bueno Onda”. An intro of shoe gaze guitars, an out-take from “Technique”, if “Technique” had been staring at the sun instead of wasted by a studio pool. The ` Mondays` “This Feeling” on less whizz, and without Shaun`s necessary iron self-belief. I might have used these references a week ago, when writing about Mancunians Horsebeach, but they still stand. The Wake on E.

Aficionado`s Soundcloud can be found here, and I have been very reliably informed that the record should be in all good shops either today or tomorrow. Essential. Again.

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