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Test Pressing

Greeen Linez / Izu King Street / Diskotopia

Chris Greenberg, Matt Lyne, Diskotopia, Greeen Linez, Iszu King Street, Test Pressing, Reviews, Dr Rob, Tokyo

I picture Greeen Linez in sharkskin suits, dark glasses, thin ties and shoulder pads. Synthesizers slung about their necks like Dr Fink assimilating Van Halen. Dancing (smurf or webbo?) to their Disco Boogie. The uptempo tracks are distinctly 1990. Shep Pettibone doing the material girl, Loosefingers` Jazz café, Lil` Louis` mind. Fairground lights and loon bird calls, Techno lite and sax serenades, referencing the work of veteran Italian DJs and producers who drew on experience in Soul and Funk when turning to House. There`s a Drum and Bass tune, straight from Speed`s heyday (think Chameleon`s “Links”), but Greeen Linez are most effective at a bedroom tempo, where they sound like Sasac covering Andras Fox. Holding a mirror to an opulent `80s. Nu Shooz, Pac-men in an almost skank. Martinelli & Todd doing “Nights Over Egypt”. Eric Leeds` Madhouse on Paisley Park. Herb Alpert`s Tijuana. Mtume`s juicy fruit ripening.

Digital only for now, with art that owes more than something to Gino Soccio, you can buy direct from the label here.

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