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Test Pressing

Parada 88 / Young Gentleman`s Adventure Society / International Feel

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I`ve written a review. It`s in a limited edition of one. Who wants it?

I don`t know why Mark Barrott put the Parada 88 and Young Gentleman`s Adventure Society records out in such small numbers first time round. I speculated、but I don`t know. Both tracks are now getting a full release as an AA-sided 12, which may seem to defeat whatever the point was, but maybe that is the point. I think this marks the end of one era for International Feel, and the beginning of another. Vinyl will now be available to anyone who wants a copy, and the label can work to a new model. “Sketches From An Island” showed the way. Gone are the playing to vogues and niches, and in are original compositions aimed at wider audiences. If you want to make music that appeals, and sells, to everyone then limited pressings can`t be part of that plan. I said to Apiento that IFeel could be a new Windham Hill or Innovative Communications, though I`m sure that Mark has something more world-dominating in mind.

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