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Test Pressing

Füxa / Dirty Frequencies / Emotional Response

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Emotional Response, Fuxa, Dirty Frequencies,

Fennesz waves of noise and distortion processed into beauty. Treatments of pedal steel virtuoso B.J. Cole stuck like a treasured frame of broken Super 8 that preserves a cloud-filled sky. A Masin-like memory palace. Psychedelic Motorik. Nick Nicely in lysergia. Church organs and U.F.O. drones. A requiem for traded wings. Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson`s “Angels Of The Universe” rendered electronic. A resting heart for a metronome. Vega & Rev`s Suicide reprised. Eddie Cochran ghost-riding, calling from the void. An acoustic blue, out of season escape to the beach. Gulls and whalesong. Seahawks staring at an autumn sun. Spacemen 3 walking with Jesus. J in love. Ladies and gentlemen, a perfect prescription.

Finally in the shops. You can listen over here.

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