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Test Pressing

Gloria Ann Taylor / Love`s A Hurting Thing / Music Gallery Recordings

Test Pressing, Reviews, Dr Rob, Gloria Ann Taylor, Love`s A Hurting Thing, Music Gallery Recordings, DJ Harvey

Two tracks of Deep Soul that Dave Godin would have approved of, and one strange Proto-Disco, Northern Soul, electric Blues hybrid that once you`ve heard you will be humming the whole time you are awake. Endorsed by Harvey, its hypnotic groove was edited some years ago (I just checked. 10!) by The Drunk for Rong, the out of phase drums sounding like they were scratched together from two copies, a la Rufus Thomas` “Do The Funky Penguin”, by Grand Wizard Theodore. Reissued on Italian label Music Gallery Recordings, with more music on the way from Ubiquity. Is it legit? Did you get one?

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