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371 / Noel Watson / Peak Delirium!

“This second Mix is a recreation of my sets prime, peak time Delirium!, from 1987-1989, from our days at Heaven in Charing Cross. We ran Delirium! there on Thursday nights for two years, and by then the music policy for the main, downstairs room was House and Proto-House only. I’ve done my best to put together a mix that reflects this period. There’s a lot of live heavy mixing, and nearly every track has been re-edited. I’ve also added percussion, chords and FX to the collage, to emulate as best possible the feeling of my sets back then, which included the beginnings of Acid House. I’ve cut and edited them to present what was my definition of House at that time.”

If Pre-Delirium! was New York mastermix tapes, Industrial beats, and Electro, all about the breaks, then Peak-Delirium! is something all together sweeter. Disco`s revenge. Adonis trapped in the future. Divas dreaming. A collective dreaming. Tony Humphries in Zanzibar. An Easy Street chant. New York ruffness. Acid dropping in Chicago and Detroit. Drums turning tribal. Mr Fingers` effortless flex. Walls brought down. Love turned to liquid. Civilles and Cole escorting Sandee to The Loft. A Soul they called Garage. Jefferson`s urban jungle. Classic a cappellas over stripped back low end rumbling, and the new drug, redefining the term “erection section”. A collective erection. Like a year on a psychiatrist`s couch. A whole range of mood swings. A whole spectrum of House.

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