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Test Pressing

373 / Nancy Noise / Future Numero Dos

Nancy Noise greets me with a “Hola luv”, which does make me smile. Two worlds collide.

(Peter) Gabriel transports Eno & Byrne`s ghosts from the bush to the desert. Generation X`s Bromley sneer. Rocking out in Chevignon. Shelia & Steve`s Indipop chart-topper. Ofra Haza intergrating dancefloors. It was a great awakening before it became a celebration. Pope John-Paul hanging with Crockett & Tubbs, together gradually drawing you deeper into the dance. We were all seduced, by the drug, each other and an increased awareness of ourselves. Amphetamine gave me a confidence. I did think we were gonna change the world.

Jon Moore and Matt Black amidst the smoke and strobes. Turntablism as Art, as revolution. Streetsahead turns Shakatak into six minutes of madness. If Coldcut took their lead from Steinski, then everyone else took their lead from Coldcut. More Go-Go-Not-Go-Go. Robert Smith gives up killing an arab and existential angst for skipping and daisy chains (what was he on? I want some). I remember straw hats and kisses on Box Hill. I love you, let`s go. “I Want Candy” Burundi Rock & Roll mixes with Italian Jazz. The London Amnesiacs cherry-picking from Alfredo`s greatest hits. PWL give ABC Nu Shooz. Westbam bust a Gang Of Four loop for a Weatherall favourite. Hugo Nicholson flying solo. The two of them teaming up to take care of James (I`d love to know what inspired the “Come Home” remix. Skanking bass-line, “Apache” break, fairground Wurlitzer and helter skelter Wah Wah). White Island veteran Sven Vath with his first band, sounding like Dieter Meier, then Dieter Meier recounts tales of Cuban nights. A Fleetwood Mac cover. Beautiful. A call from Prince for individuality and difference. “We all got a space to fill”. “Circle” just took my breath away. For the friends who notice that I don`t really come around no more. Being alone isn`t always the best way to be. Lonely sometimes fiddles with your edges. Supertramp never sounded so good.

We were all fucking radicals. If Acid House wasn`t political in a ballot sheet sense of the word (there were no hustings), it did enable a lot of people to (just) say No. No, I don`t agree. No, I don`t think that`s right. No, I`m not doing that. It motivated a generation of kids from suburban shit holes without prospects, and dead ends ahead, to create an alternative, for themselves, if unfortunately not necessarily for others. The drug is a selfish one, it went with the times, Thatcher`s Britain, Reagan`s America, the destabilization of a resource rich “third” world, and Neoliberal economics, and it is only a drug after all, not a miracle.

You might know most of these records, since they`ve gone on to become classics, but this is a definitive document. This is how it was. The Future.

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