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Test Pressing

Bing & Ruth / Tomorrow Was The Golden Age / Rvng Intl.

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, David Moore, Rvng Intl., Bing & Ruth, Tomorrow Is The Golden Age

I used to buy a lot of this sort of music: fragile yet sometimes urgent piano, backed by subtle, unobtrusive electronics (no glitches, which to my ears are dated). I used to buy it with the intention not of listening to it as it was intended, in one sitting, in sequence, but instead with the idea of plucking individual tracks for mixes. I often failed to do so, since themes would run the length of the albums, come and go, and standout moments prove impossible to identify. It was only recently when I sat still for the entirety of a Yann Tiersen LP that I was considering selling (“Rue Des Cascades”. I`m not selling it), that I realized my mistake, and as a consequence went back to the promo of New York pianist David Moore`s Bing & Ruth project, which I had initially passed on.

Surrendering to “Tomorrow Was The Golden Age” for its duration was like being immersed in Nils Frahm`s “Says” or Arvo Part`s “Spiegel Im Spiegel” for 58 minutes. Yep, it`s that good. I was driving back from a hospital visit at twice the speed limit, and by the end I did feel considerably calmer. Not cleansed, cathartic, but reasoned with. Now my biggest consideration is that the CD obviously makes sense, but the vinyl will likely sound amazing.

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