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Test Pressing

Mind Fair / Golf Channel

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Mind Fair, Ben Shenton, Dean Meredith, Golf Channel,

Mind Fair. A fair for the mind. A festival of Psychedelic fun and games. A whole park of amusements await.

Trip to sitars and Les Rockets Disco Rock. Groove to The West India Company as they tangle in John Tropea`s jungle. Give a polite nod to J.P. Massiera, and another nod to Gong. Pose with a kissing cousin to Can`s “I Want More”. Build Sugarhill break foundations for a loose Country jam of harmonica & fiddle. Pound Electro drums, thump descending bass lines, as flute and searing guitar call “The Warriors” out to play. Join Tom Ze`s carnival. Comply to White Light Circus` “Marching Orders”. Submit to Shock`s “Dream Games”. Dance to pitched down Italo, body to body boogie and a broken piano Rag. Summer in Bricket Wood, then take a final trip out to the old Wild West. Walk that deserted main street soundtracked by Sergio Leone drama, and lose yourself in the spectacle of a Psilocybin canyon hoedown of outlaws and regulators. Did you see the size of that chicken?.

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