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Test Pressing

Ptaki / Kalina / Young Adults

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Ptaki, Very Polish Cut outs, Young Adults, Kalina

A strong E.P. with something for everyone. Yacht Rock, and attendant tide and gulls. Disco with “Psycho” strings, church bells, Gospel and apreggios. Phased Cosmic sleaze for hearts of gold and a velvet season. Abel`s Aegean. Funky Folk, Prog keys and a House beat. A lyric that likens lost love to unpaid rent and a schizophrenic track that comes on like Kate Bush`s “Sunset” before being overwhelmed by an electronic b-line. That Gordon Turner record (used on Ptaki`s excellent Test Pressing mix), journeying through colour and falling stars. Wood blocks and a synthetic pied piper that dance like a lithe face-painted hippy. Guitar beamed down from the backside of the moon, and drums and purpose that look back to the Love Corporation`s experiments in self-help.

A strong E.P. with something for everyone, but I think Ptaki are barely flexing here. Just toying with us. Showing us what they are capable of. Consider this a sampler.

Clips over here.

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