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Test Pressing

Uku & Maryn / Suggestive / PPU

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Uku Kuut, Maryn, PPU, Andrew Morgan, Suggestive

A man and his machines, and his mum. A new E.P. of archive material from Estonian Uku Kuut, that adds the vocals of his mother, Maryn E. Coote (Marju Kuut) to the usual analogue keyboard Boogie. The bedrock here is still the `80s independent Street Soul and “Twilight” Electro for poppers, lockers, and boppers, currently being resurrected by the likes of Greeen Linez, Sasac and Jex Opolis, but Maryn`s contributions and some fine guitar on the title track, allow the E.P. to also stretch to the City Pop and Jazz of Hiroshi Sato, Minako Yoshida or Kimiko Kasai, all be it Lo-Fi, buzzing, and branded by the characteristic tape distortion that prevents the music put out by PPU, which preserves proper composition and melody, ever becoming too saacharine for 2014. いつも、rough around those edges.

You can check “Suggestive” here.

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