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Test Pressing

376 / Kay Suzuki / Brilliant Corners

Brilliant Corners, fine venue, fine food, fine hi-fi, fine music, fine crowd, celebrated its first birthday last Saturday (we were there on the Friday to catch Phil Mison & Justin Strauss). To help mark those celebrations we have a set recorded by head chef, and sometime Afrobuddha, Kay Suzuki, live one Sunday in June, once the bar had closed its doors, `round midnight.

Sitars, lost roads, tabla and Wobble. Birdsong and Codek. Breakers` favourite “Twilight”. Will Downing bootlegged, mashed up and spiked. Was Not Was, Punk Jazz not Jazz, No Wave Funk and the real thing. A New York afternoon, a Harlem River drive. Vocodered Brasilian Boogie. Soaring Loft classics. Italian masters and Theo`s future. Live from the kissaden. A place where pathways meet.

Congratulations to Kay and owners Amit & Aneesh Patel. たんじょうびおめでいとございます。

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