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Test Pressing

A Vision Of Panorama / Southern Breeze / Aficionado

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Aficionado, Moonboots, Jason Boardman, Manchester, A Vision Of Panorama, Russia, St. Petersburg, Southern Breeze

Five tracks of magic and promise from Russia with love. The two originals on side A have Andras Fox and Jan Hammer together in a top down coastal drive, out of Miami and onto Erskine Falls. Don`t you know that I love you. Then Mr Fox turns up in person for a remix of birdsong accompanied skank, like Farley and Heller`s fix of The Aloof`s journey up river, “Never Get Out of The Boat”, Carly Simon no longer hurting and consoled by Max Essa.

The AA begins bashing tribal drums, having FK do Al Di Meola`s “Sequencer”, then closes by mixing in mandolin for a Javier Bergia out-take.

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