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Test Pressing
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Foster / Neon Life / Phantom Island

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Foster, Neon Life, Phantom Island, Zurich, Switzerland, Lexx

Boom Bap from young Zurich. The third release on Phantom Island mixes “Help The Man” grooves with “Drop The Deal” Eastern detail, and B.J. Cole aquatic slide. A bit like a less abstract Beautiful Swimmers. Similar influences, similar palate, different method.

“A.I.E.O.U.” is not a Freeez / Arthur Baker homage but brings in Rick James on Bass. If Sasac were more Boogie, more Minneapolis, more Brazil (I`m sure I can hear a cuica`s opossum song in there), more Funk. Like Olivetti & Jorge after taking up power lifting.

Title track “Neon Life”`s timbales and a darker Punk feel align it with Dennis Kane`s recent output. A panting, heavy breathing, chase through a Dub Disco subterrania.

You can catch up with Phantom Island over here (I read somewhere they were re-pressing).

“Neon Life” was scheduled for a mid-November release, this has now been put back until mid-December, but the good news is that a repress of Lexx`s “Young Corner” E.P. has been confirmed for the same date.

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