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Test Pressing

Julee Cruise / Floating Into The Night

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Julee Cruise, David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti, Floating Into The Night, Twin Peaks, Plain Recordings

This has just got a reissue. I was thinking that it could be part of the build up to the new “Twin Peaks” episodes scheduled for 2016, for sure legit, and getting excited, hoping that “Fire Walk With Me”, David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti`s other masterpiece, might be next, but looking around the web, the label responsible, Plain Recordings, seem to attract a lot of stick over the quality of their pressings. Some, including artists they have handled like My Bloody Valentine, claim that they are CD rips and Plain nothing but Warners-endorsed bootleggers. As a counter to that I would have to say that there is probably no one harder to please concerning sound quality than Kevin Shields, and the Julee Cruise I have plays fine (obsessive that I am though, I am now keen to compare to an original). Irrespective of the merits of this particular reissue, as far as the music goes, everything thing on the LP could add authentic shadow to your “Café Del Mar” set, and “Rockin` Back Inside My Heart” has Leo Mas there waiting, as Amnesia opens its doors. “Twin Peaks”? I`m not sure I remember ever watching it. Life was surreal enough already between `89 and `91.

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