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Test Pressing

Out Of The Box / Vetiver / Rolling Sea

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Out Of The Box, Vetiver, Fat Cat, Rolling Sea

I arrived from Japan on Saturday and spent Sunday evening in a pub, in a London that I barely recognized, it moves so fast, surrounded by even faster moving technology that I have failed to grasp, with a group of friends, best friends, that I have known for nearly thirty years. Just before closing, the conversation switched from current to past, someone started telling old stories, and then everyone wanted to shoot another point of view, another detail. I experienced so much with these people that I feel we are one, no divisions, only different faces of the same. It was a moment that I don`t think anyone wanted to let go, but all had commitments, family, flights, work. I said, “I have no secrets”, but that was met with loud laughter and denial. I was warm there, too briefly, and could have selfishly hung on, trapped them in a loop, which is still playing here, now. Now I`m back stealing beauty at the base of Asamayama, torn between loves, present and memory. Home ? again. I promise not to leave it so long until next time.

For Ade, Al, Carrie, Charlie, Big H, Ian, Mario, & Rich. And you know that.

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