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Test Pressing

378 / Bonnie & Klein

Orb & Gilmour alien encounters. Trips into inky blackness. Library Mindbenders and Alexis Le Tan Space Oddities, via Mondo and Zoëmagik. Glenn Frey guitar, smugglers blues, and a Miami sea front at night. Snowmen and falcons. All riding an electronic pulse. The lysergic rock of Mushrooms Project. Skanking Copenhagen dreams. Darkness lifting momentarily for the dance. Elastic Funk and Tribal loops, a Teutonic beat and marching snares. Choirs call across storms of ice. Sitars, Robbie Basho chopped and clipped. A Balearic Bolero. Pied Pipers and House.

Test Pressing, Mixes, Dr Rob, Bonnie & Klein, Is It Balearic?, Uber, Music For Dreams, Total Blue

Bonnie & Klein have a new record out. A 12 split with Coyote on Music For Dreams. The three tracks from B&K take a Balearic militant Acid Jazz outline, think Rose Windross` “Living Life Your Own Way” or Mephisto Odyssey`s “Dream Of The Black Dahlia” (pitched way down), and fill it with accordions, flutes, Romany violins, and lonely strings. The track “Total Blue”, already a favourite with tastemaker Moonboots, adds pizzicato and acoustic flourishes to create something akin to Henry Torgue & Serge Houppin scoring an unrequited love`s last scene and credit roll.

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