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Test Pressing

Just Because / Takayoshi Sakurai

To glimpse Mount Fuji through its usual modesty of cloud is considered to bring good fortune. I seem to have amassed a sizeable collection of artistic interpretations of Japan`s highest peak, and figured that I might start sharing them as part of this “series”, and that now might be a good time to start.

Christmas isn`t really celebrated in Japan, other than an excuse to hawk more gear of course. It`s not a Christian country, with the main religions being Buddhism and Shinto. So if you are wondering why I am continuing to post over your holidays, it is not simply because I am a sad fucker with no mates and nothing else to do (that`s true all year round), but because my wife is still at her Tokyo office and my kids are still at school. New Year is the big holiday. If you bank a few days you can be assured at least a week away from your desk. My kids will be off for nearly two. As a consequence, I`m “here” now but am likely to disappear awhile once we hit the weekend (I am writing that “Singles” piece with my other hand). I wanted to take the opportunity to give you all a flash of Fuji, and its favour, for 2015.

Test Pressing, Just Because, Dr Rob, Mount Fuji, 2015, Takayoshi Sakurai

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